Attractive Stamp Marketing Ideas Helps Draw Attention To Consumers

Stamp Marketing on Tactical Business

Do you mail advertising information out to different prospective clients? If you do, there is a sure way to get noticed. Instead of doing the regular mailing, put your information into a manila envelope and then attach 39 one cent stamps.

Which piece of mail do you think the person is going to look at first? Yours of course, just because they will be curious about all the stamps. It definitely will draw attention. Even the mail person is going to be curious and may stick around to see them open it so they can see what’s inside. It will also be the number one topic of conversation around the water cooler in that business too.

Stamp marketing with water cooler conversations leads it to the heads of departments and companies, and they in turn will want to know who would go to such extremes to be noticed.  When you start drawing this kind of attention it will spread like wildfire. Word of mouth has never failed to be one of the top methods of advertising and the more people who here about your attention getting mail will want to know more about and your business.

If every person in an office of ten tells two of their friends, then that means you have already reached 30 new people. If each of their friends tells two, then it has increased to 90 people.

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