Learn Marketing Strategy On Small Business Breakfast With Joe Connoly

small business breakfast on Tactical Business

Small business breakfast is a marketing strategy that enables you to target those in the workforce before the beginning of their busy workday. By offering a breakfast that informs them of your business or your services, it will be in the forefront of their minds as they head to their offices.

This is a marketing strategy rarely used, as many people assume that people do not have time to head over to one’s place of business and sit down for a pancake. Consider the fact, that a great way to attract prospective clients is by coming to them.

Set up a continental breakfast or brunch in a meeting room with a power point set up to display your presentation or lecture. Provide an informative meeting for prospective clients, so that they may enjoy and eat, converse, and learn about your company and the services you offer.

After the breakfast for brunch, open the floor for questions. Food and conversation is a great marketing technique, and by coming to their location you will be increasing the likelihood of this being a successful marketing strategy.

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