Promotional Sticky Notes In Colorful Customized Design To Bring In New Potential Clients

Promotional Sticky Notes on Tactical Busines

They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colors now. Sticky notes. You can stamp your company’s name on them, or if you have the capability, print them out with your company information. You can even order them with your company logo and phone number on them.

Promotional sticky notes design in different tag lines, really colorful and bright shape or variety that helps attract new potential client. Stick them on windows, above mailboxes in apartment buildings, on cars, office doors, business doors, public bulletin boards, telephone poles, and even on the mirror in public restrooms. People will notice. Try sticking them on walls as you walk down the street. Stick them to anything you think they will stick to.

You don’t have to put a lot of information on them, just your company name, website and phone number. Leave two or three in each place, this way people will take one and leave the rest for the next person that comes around.

If your business has a large window or door in front, splatter it with them. You will be surprised how many people will walk up to see what they are and actually take one with them. Do you take a cab or bus around town? If you do, stick one on the back of the seat in front of you. Hand out a few to your family, friends and top clients and ask them to stick them around in different places for you. In a few weeks’ time, your stick notes should be all over town.

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