How To Make Effective Product Demonstration To Target New Potential Customers

product demonstration on Tactical Business

Does your business involve providing some kind of service instead of products?

Product demonstration is the perfect way to show what you do and get some new leads. Find a store near you that sells or provides something related to the service you provide. Speak with the owner to see about setting up a demonstration there.

Once they agree, advertise it. Put posters or banners in your windows, in the front of the business, and at the location you will be holding the event. Make sure all information about the event and your company is printed clearly on these ads, along with contact information for your company. If your services involve the out-of-doors, arrange a free BBQ at this other location. In a way this is a form of partnering since you will be demonstrating your services at a place where people can purchase other items that you don’t sell.

In return, the other business allows you to put on the demonstration because the chances of the customers hanging around and purchasing something are great. Although a BBQ may run into some expense, you will make it up in profits when you start getting new clients from this event. Makes sure you have plenty of business cards, brochures and information available for hand out to attendees.

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