Marketing Strategy: Advertise Your Business Through Print Calendars

Printable Calendars on Tactical Business

Print calendars are a great way to advertise your business and getting them printed ahead of time is the key. Gather or take pictures of your business, your products, services and key employees. Make sure you have all your information printed on each page, like your contact number, address, and website.

If you have printing capabilities, you can print them up, hand them out to clients, display them where people coming in can pick up a free copy, and even see if some of the businesses around you will hand them out to their customers. If you haven’t seen the prices on calendars in the store lately, you are in for a shock. They have gone up so much that anyone would be happy to get a free calendars. They will get used and seen to.

People will have them on their wall at home and in the office, so make sure you have clear, high quality images to attract their attention. If you have to send them out for publishing, check around, you may be able to get a discount price if you offer to display or hand out business cards for the printer. Check the pricing at several locations first and ask for an example of their work before choosing the printer for the job. Some printing companies offer discounts with larger orders.

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