Marketing Strategy: Business Advertising With Pop Ups

pop ups on tactical business

Many people don’t think of this is a desirable marketing strategy, or more of an annoyance. However, there are many companies, services, and businesses which use pop ups to market their abilities, services, and products.

Pop ups key when use  is to not push yourself upon the customer, such as the pop ups that repeatedly appear while they are on the same page. Pick an advertisement that is eye catching, appropriate, and if you dare…aim for the ‘ shock and awe’ factor such as a shocking statistic or headline that really makes viewers do a double take, and take a look at your site.

Once you design a pop up advertisement, you can decide on the frequency, size, and where this pop up makes its appearance. While you don’t want to make this pop up low profile, make sure it is not flashing up on your possible client or consumer’s screen like a strobe light.

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