How Podcast Marketing Works and Influence Businesses

podcast marketing on tactical business

Podcasts have become popular over the past couple years as the mp3 players have gained phenomenal popularity. Podcasts are audio files, shows, and dialogues available through the Apple iTunes program for both PC and MAC. Users can open the iTunes program, head over to the iTunes store and select the category of podcasts. Podcasts are always free to record, and to purchase as well.

One might ask— if this is free for both parties, how do I make any? By creating a series of audio discussions you are creating a communication platform for those with interests in whatever field you are in to be able to come together and listen, download, and share the material.

Create various series in your podcasts ventures, this will give a continuation each week, couple weeks, month, etc. and cause listeners to want to continue to interact and hear more about whatever your podcast is about. Bring in guest speakers, switch up the program, and advertise on social media marketing sites (Facebook and Twitter) to gain more listeners.

Podcast marketing is a strategy most business do. You can also create special podcasts targeted for a specific topic related to small businesses so that clients can listen on the phones or mp3 players on the way to work. Podcasts like “How to prepare for that Meeting”, “How to confront a coworker”, or 20 Steps to Seal a Deal”. Quick, yet to the point podcasts like this will create a following, a fan base, and subscribers on Apple iTunes’ Podcasts. With an opportunity to create recordings on such a well-known platform such as Apple, it is a business marketing opportunity that is a must.

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