Show Off Some Guerilla Marketing Tactic During Info Dinner

Info Dinner on Tactical Business

Info dinner is one of the best ways to jump start if you are launching a business, new product, or new service. If there’s one thing that intrigues people, and brings people together—it’s food.

By hosting a dinner, you can enjoy a night with those who are interested in your service or business while they eat and hear about what your company is all about. Most people think hosting a dinner will be super expensive with in reality; there is a way to make it lost cost and effective.

Choose a meal that can be made or catered on a lower budget, such as pasta, or a BBQ cookout. While guests eat, they can hear guest speakers; members of your company give orientations or speeches, and watch an informative DVD or PowerPoint on what you and your company are all about.

While guests enjoy their dinner, why not have some sort of guerrilla marketing tactic set up on display when you walk in? This will catch guest’s eyes, and will set the tone for the night— intrigued and enjoyable.

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