Marketing Your Business With A Catchy Domain Name

Domain name on Tactical Business

Domain names is what every business needs. The problem that can arise in choosing domain name is that someone may already have that name. If someone already has the name you choose, and you try to use it anyway, you could be in for some legal trouble down the road.

You want your business to have a catchy name. The name you choose is what you should use as your domain name also, unless there are copyright problems with the name. You want your name to be well known, easy to remember, and still say something about who you are and what your company does. If you want the business to be your name, it will fall under a sole proprietorship, which means you can’t add to it later, like Inc., Co., or & partners.

Using your name and adding something to it that represents what your business is may be a good idea, like Linda’s Crafts or T. Smith book binders. Run the name you choose through the internet first to make sure no one else has that domain name. Remember that not everything is .com anymore; there is also .net and .org.

When picking a domain and business name, you want something catchy, something people will remember when they hear it. Long names are hard to remember, so try to keep as short as you can. If the domain name you have chosen isn’t taken, then register it right away so no one else can use it.

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