Sales Abilty

Improve your team’s sales ability

Sales CoachingSome people are gifted with natural sales ability. However this is a talent that can definitely be learned. The problem with much sales training is that it is too generic in focus. The only way to improve your team’s sales ability is to get a full understanding of your business, your product or service and – most importantly – your customers.

Working with Tactical Business Solutions, we take a step by step approach to improving sales ability and techniques. Every process is assessed, planned, implemented and measured to ensure that you and your team see real results where it counts – your bottom line.

Sales consulting that is collaborative and consultative

Sales consulting is rarely effective when it relies simply on analysis, recommendations and a written report. Your sales team is made up of individuals with different talents, who work in different ways. Not to mention the fact that your customers are also unique individuals with a variety of purchasing habits.

Tactical Business Solutions engages in a sales consulting process that is tailored to your work place. What does your business need?

  • Understand the real value of your core business and how best to sell that
  • Benchmark your business within its industry
  • Examine where costs are blowing out and how they can be controlled
  • Identify areas of potential sales and profit expansion

Once you are engaged in a positive, action based and results focussed sales consulting process, you may also wish to implement sales and marketing training for your staff and management team.

Tried sales and marketing training and been disappointed in the results?

Sales Strategy

Many business owners are wary of investing in sales and marketing training. It is an area that is all too often difficult to quantify and prove when it comes to results.

That’s where Tactical Business Solutions is different. We don’t talk at your team about what they should be doing differently. We don’t use generic training manuals or sales and marketing spin.

With a background in accounting and business systems, our sales and marketing training is based in processes that are transparent and measurable. And we work in with you and your team until you see the results you want.

Your sales team will benefit from:

  • Focussing on customer experience
  • Learning how to effectively cross sell, up sell
  • Understanding sales targets and how to achieve them
  • Reducing unnecessary and excessive costs
  • Maximising sales opportunities
  • Increasing conversion levels and closure rates
  • Learning how to sustain and nurture your existing customer base
  • Strategies to increase your customer base

Please get in touch to accelerate and improve sales ability within your business. We offer a100% money back or no pay guarantee. That’s how confident we are that you will achieve the results you want.