Business Courses

How to Turbo-Charge Sales & Increase Profits by 60%     

South Melbourne
Thursday 4 August 2011 to Thursday 4 August 2011
Explore sales and marketing techniques used to increase sales and find out how changes in sales, expenses and costs affect your business profitability. Adult — $25.00

Business Dads Network Launch     

South Melbourne
Thursday 18 August 2011 to Thursday 18 August 2011
Explore issues faced by business owners, particularly fathers trying to juggle running a business with the responsibilities and social expectations to be a good father. Adult — $25.00

SMS Marketing: How To Increase Sales     

South Melbourne
Thursday 11 August 2011 to Thursday 11 August 2011
Find out what SMS marketing is and how to use it. Includes $50 worth of SMS credits to help kick-start your SMS campaign. Adult — $25.00

Business Workshops & Seminars

Our selection of workshops are specifically designed to help small business owners achieve their growth and profitability goals.

With the exception of the 6 week Business Management and Growth workshop, each short workshop is designed to run over 2.5 hours. More in-depth sessions can be arranged.

Please contact us if you would like to inquire about a specific workshop for yourself or your team.

Business Growth & Management – Step By Step

Discover skills to grow your business in this six-week hands-on course designed to guide you through business planning and growth step by step.

How To Sell The Way Your Clients Want To Be Sold To

How to identify buyers’ personality types so you can more effectively communicate solutions in a language that they can understand.

Turbo Charge Sales & Increase Profits 60%

How to increase sales and keep your marketing funnel full. Get to grips with cost management so increased sales truly do increase profitability.

Five Steps to Productivity, Profits & Business Saleability

How systems, procedures and documentation can increase productivity, the flow-on effect this has on profits and, ultimately, the saleability of your business.